Vitamin C: Is it better to drink it or apply it?

Vitamin C serum benefits, is it better to eat or apply vitamin c

 It’s safe to assume the vast majority of us have heard of vitamin C. For most of us when thinking of upping our vitamin C intake we think of sipping on a glass of OJ but these days topical vitamin C serum for the skin seems to be all the rage! The question is which is better, to drink or apply your vitamin C? 

First up, what are the benefits of vitamin C regardless of if you prefer to drink it or apply a serum…

Nature's natural energy booster 

Vitamin C helps our bodies to convert the food and drink we consume daily into energy whilst also assisting in the absorption of other key nutrients.  

Supports the immune system

There’s a reason we sip on lemon and honey when the annual cold season comes around. Vitamin C is vital in keeping your immune system functioning normally.

Helps maintain bones and cartilage

A glass of milk isn’t the only option when it comes to building strong bones. Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining strong bones and cartilage by helping our bodies produce collagen.

Improves skin appearance

Perhaps the main reason for vitamin C in serums is its skin glowing benefits.


Helps with iron absorption

Vitamin C is great in its own right carrying its own abundance of benefits, but also because it helps us absorb the key mineral - iron. Iron is a key component of haemoglobin, our carrier of oxygen in red blood cells. Without iron, we can experience many negative side effects, so it's always good to have a helping hand where we can.

So then, is it better to consume or apply vitamin C?

To make the most out of the range of benefits we would generally advise consuming your vitamin C, having said that though there is definitely no harm in an extra dose of topical vitamin C.

There are a few additional benefits of applying a vitamin C serum though, these include reducing the appearance of ageing skin along with tackling blemishes and brown spots. Consuming vitamin C will support your body’s natural collagen production, helping support your skin health from the inside out. Topically, vitamin C can also help promote normal levels of collagen production. 

We always advise consuming a diet rich in nutrition because of all the other benefits. Eating an orange won’t just provide you with a healthy hit of vitamin C, but also a range of other antioxidants and fibre. 

Looking for a boost of vitamin C? We’ve got you covered with our powerhouse C BOMB.

C Bomb - orange juice with vitamin c

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