Best places to go for vegan brunch in London

Vegan brunch spots in London
It’s no secret that a vegan brunch used to be a rather sad plate of food, we’re thinking beans on toast or if you’re lucky maybe some mashed avo. 
It’s no secret that these days are a fear of the past, with London restaurants hosting an array of vegan treats.
These are the plant-based boasting hot spots you need to try this Veganuary… 
Wulf & Lamb
Wulf & Lamb
With breakfast options ranging from fluffy American pancakes, to the classic avo toast spruced up with beetroot hummus, Wulf & Lamb proves just how delicious plant-based brunch can be.
Nestled in the corners of Chelsea and Marylebone, Wulf & Lamb is certainly a worthwhile visit. 
Pssst…we recommend sticking around for a delicious dinner too!
Utter waffle
Utter Waffle
Utter Waffle, utter dream! Sweet and savoury servings, and even The Vegan Club Waffle, smoked bac’n, fried chick’n and all! 
Tucked away in leafy SW19, Utter Waffle is the perfect way to kickstart your Sunday.
Mildred's Soho
A staple in the vegan food scene. Their weekend brunch boasts Mexican and South Asian-inspired brunch bowls alongside a vegan take on a classic Full English. Don’t worry if you’re looking for your core favourites though they’ve still got porridge bowls, whipped avo toast and pancakes
Also, stick around or pop in another day to try their brand new Veganuary menu inspired by the Vietnamese lunar new year.
The Good Life Eatery
Good Life Eatery
Nestled in corners around London, the Good Life Eatery is also a great hub when it comes to cafe working.
The taste of summer with acai bowls and build-your-own avo toasts, their snack selection to eat in or take away is also worth munching your way through.
A neighbourhood favourite in southwest London, Aussie-inspired #brunchgoals. Brickwood always brings the sunshine to a rainy weekend in London.
Native mushrooms, with plant-based ricotta, yes, please! One of the many delicious items you can expect to find on the Brickwood menu.

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