Craving sugar? 7 ways to take back control!

How to reduce sugar cravings. Top tips to healthier eating and reduce sugar intake.

It’s safe to say most of us are fairly addicted to a sweet treat or two, and giving up sugar is no easy task. As hard as it may be waving a fond farewell to refined sugars, will have your body jumping for joy. Clearer skin, sustained energy,  and less brain fog are just a few benefits. 

The problem starts with sugar's addictive nature, although we often put it down to a lack of willpower. It is a fact that sugar has the power to get our brains craving even more sugar every day! Of course, we’re all going to indulge in some sugary treats now and then but we do have a couple of hacks to help curb the cravings…

Detox your home

Clear out all the nooks and crannies of all the sugary treats you’ve built up over time, if it’s not there it's less likely you’ll be tempted.

Tell people!

Accountability. Telling someone a friend, family member or colleague means you’ve vocalised your intentions and you’re less likely to crumble at the smallest temptation.

Find a satisfying alternative 

Let’s be honest if you’re used to a mid-afternoon pick me up treat, a side salad probably isn’t going to cut it. This is your time to experiment and get creative. Pairing fats and proteins with carbs can be a great place to start, maybe some PB and an apple or hummus and crackers.

Cook from scratch

One of the biggest areas we pile up on sugar is in processed food. It may be a surprise but nearly all processed foods come with a healthy dose of refined sugars, sweet and savoury! Cooking at home means you know exactly what goes into your meals, snacks and all.

Find other ways to treat yourself

Treating yourself doesn’t have to just be in the form of sweet treats or food at all. Take time for yourself, go for a walk, read a book, book yourself into a spa treatment, whatever tickles your fancy and feels like a treat!

Go cold turkey

This is probably the hardest one of all, but going cold turkey and not touching sugar can be the best way to not be tempted back. The longer you last the more likely you are to not fall back into old traps. Research has suggested it can take as little as 18 days to break a habit. Now we’re fully aware the first few days may be a struggle though, so perseverance is key.

Combine foods

This one is all about moderation. For example, if you are a chocoholic why not have strawberries dipped in chocolate or maybe you’re a salty snack lover and create your own tv mix with pretzels and popcorn.

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