We’ve been making juice from fruit and veg for millennia; even the ancient Egyptians were partial to the sweet nectar of fruits like grapes and pomegranates. However, over the last few decades, this natural process industrialised to keep up with consumer demand, and in doing so we’ve seen the introduction of heat pasteurisation, highly processed purees and not from concentrates juices being produced at scale to the detriment of the seasonality, freshness and vitamin rich qualities that attracted humans to juice’s natural goodness.

Our mission is reset the juicing norms by rescuing delicious wonky fruit and veg that were otherwise destined for landfill, and by cold pressing them into natural, nutritious and delicious juices.

6% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food loss and waste, and every year tonnes of fresh produces goes to waste as a result of not meeting strict criteria set by supermarkets. Where others say too big, too small or even slightly too odd, we say they taste delicious!

Want to see what we achieved in 2023, download our 2023 Impact Report here.