Frequently asked questions

I’d like to order juices. When will my juices arrive?

Standard delivery is 1-2 working days. We deliver Tuesday-Saturday.

If you would like to request a delivery day past this time there is space to make this request on the order form. Please note we cannot accommodate delivery day requests that are earlier than the standard 1-2 days, only later.

How will my juices arrive?

We use the courier service DPD to deliver juices all over the UK. Once your package ships, we will send you an e-mail containing your shipping information and tracking number.

The juices will arrive in an insulated bag, with plenty of ice packs. On receipt of your delivery the juices will need to be kept refrigerated.

I’d like to specify the start date of my cleanse. Is this possible?

Absolutely! There is space of the order form to request a delivery day. If you need to amend or add any information after the order has been confirmed, please email us at

We recommend that cleanses are ordered a day ahead of when you begin cleaning to ensure your juices are ready to go at the beginning of the day. 

Can I select a delivery slot? 

Cleanses are sent via DPD couriers, who are dedicated to optimising the route to coordinate all other deliveries in your area being delivered at the same time. Unfortunately as we use an external courier company, it is not possible to select the time slot.

The delivery window is between 7:30am and 7:30pm. Once the route has been set by DPD, usually the morning of the delivery, DPD will contact you via email to confirm the hour time slot that your box will arrive, and it is possible to track your driver’s journey throughout the day. 

If you are planning to go out, please notify DPD of a safe space to leave the parcel.

Do you deliver outside London? 

Yes, we deliver outside London. Standard delivery is 1-2 working days, Tuesday-Saturday.

How can I store my juices? Can they be frozen? 

Our juices must be kept refrigerated below 5°C. Unfortunately the juice is not suitable for home freezing.

What is the shelf life of the juices? 

We aim to send juices that have 14+ days shelf life upon receipt. The exceptions are Verde, with 10+ days and Nüsses with 6+ days. 

Can I request what products I want in my Packed punch? 

Usually we will mix up the products in your bundle for you, so it's a nice surprise when it arrives at your door. If you do have a preference however that's no problem at all! You can add it to the Special Instructions when you're checking out. 

I have an allergy and I need to make sure the products I have ordered and suitable for me. How can I double check that? Can I replace products in cleanses to reflect my needs? 

Ingredient and nutritional information is listed on the individual products on our website. If you have further questions or just want some extra reassurance, you can always send us an e-mail at

We can also then advise you on what swaps we can do for you so you get the most out of your cleanse. 

I have received my juices, where can I find a guide to cleansing? 

Our guides to all of our cleanses can be found here.

I’m feeling peckish during my cleanse. Can I consume something else apart from the juices? 

Yes, of course! Everyone is unique and cleanses work best when you listen to what your body is telling you. If you need to have a solid snack we recommend you try some raw veggies or fruits, or a handful of raw almonds.

Are you a sustainable company? 

We use wonky produce that otherwise would end up in landfill. After production, the pulp from the fruits and vegetables is taken away to be converted into energy. We do aim to have as little waste as possible and are always working towards improving ourselves. There are some exciting things in the pipeline for sustainability, so watch this space!

What is cold pressed?

Cold-pressing essentially is the process of separating the finer from the cells of fruits and vegetables (juicing) without the aid of any heat. To achieve this, hydraulic power is used to effectively “chew” and crush the juice out of fruits/vegetables. Cold-pressing takes longer and produces less juice, but that juice is way richer in nutritional content. 

Where are the juices made? 

The juices are cold-pressed and bottled in the UK. 

How is the shelf life so long?

We use a process HPP (High Pressure Processing) which extends the shelf life without applying heat like in traditional pasteurisation. This means that more of the nutrients and enzymes are kept intact, preserving the goodness of the juices and maximising its benefits for you.