Our handy guide to choosing your dream Daily Dose flavour

Our handy guide to choosing your dream Daily Dose flavour
Our handy guide to choosing your dream Daily Dose flavour
Get your taste buds dancing, and your body glowing both inside and out with flavours such as O’fresco and Zenzero. Our range packs a punch of farm to fridge freshness, trust us one sip and you’ll be hooked! 
We understand everyone’s taste palette varies, which is why we’ve curated a range for everyone from spice lovers to sweet dreamers. 
AJ 🍎
This sweet flavour instantly transports you to a quintessential English apple orchard. With delicate zingy apple notes, AJ is a firm family favourite.
OJ 🍊
Everyone’s favourite morning juices, the sunny taste of Spanish orange condensed into the sweet nectar that is OJ. Radiating your Daily Dose of sunshine, OJ transports your senses straight to the sun with every sip.

Bored of your standard OJ? This playful take on a classic will add a spring to your step with the subtle sour, and ever so slightly tart hint of cherry. A zesty number with a tangy twist, made for your mid-morning zig-a-zig-ah!
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed you’ll be jumping (hopping) for joy with a sip of O’fresco. This unique blend pairs sweet carrot with fiery ginger, warming you from the inside out. A Daily Dose favourite for sure, spicy and warm! 
Sophisticated, herbaceous notes delight the palate with this fruity number. The addition of thyme adds an unexpected dimension and degree of decadence. The perfect complement to your favourite evening tipple, with a little zen energy.
Taking you straight to strawberry fields with subtle notes of basil, there's a reason Strawb is everyone's favourite. This blend is not one to miss and is perfect for when your sweet tooth kicks in. As one of our sweetest additions in the range, this is a favourite with the younger members of the family.
Earthy yet sweet and surprisingly spicy, this vibrant juice packs a growing punch with every sip. Sweet with zingy apples the earthy tones of beetroot are perfectly complemented, whilst the heat of ginger brings a palette cleansing finish. Grown up and mature yet delicious and indulgent. 
Green juice just got sweet, AKA a green blend that's not too green. The addition of apple provides a crisp burst of freshness that makes this green juice perfectly palatable. Brightening up your day with a healthy yet sweet twist, straight from farm to fridge.
#health, the epitome of green juice, less fruit more veg, Verde by name Verde by nature just about sums this juicy delight up. If health and wellness was a drink it would be Verde. If sweet isn’t your thing, then Verde may be the one, totally sugar-free and not for the faint-hearted, are you up for the challenge?
If you like Pina Coladas… well the green juice version. Transported to the tropics, coconut in hand, clear skies, your next tropical holiday just came knocking. The sweet, creamy addition of coconut water adds a hydrating fruity dimension. This one is made for the summer lovers out there. 
All our flavours are designed with you in mind to curate the most delicious line-up. Farm freshness and sipper delight are at the forefront of every unique blend.

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