5 Health Benefits Of Ginger

Benefits of ginger, ginger shots

Small and mighty this punchy root not only brings some fiery heat but also your Daily Dose of health!


Spicy by nature, you’re probably wondering what the health benefits of this rather unassuming root are, so here goes:


🔥 Have you ever had a sore throat or funny tummy and been told to knock back some ginger? Well, we can confirm that this old wife’s tale does in fact have some truth to it.  Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger which gives ginger its distinctive smell. In addition to the unique smell gingerol certainly delivers a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects.


🔥 Feeling ill? Munch on a ginger biscuit, is another phrase many of us have been told. Well although we probably wouldn’t advise ploughing your way through a pack of ginger biscuits, we can confirm that ginger does appear to be highly effective against nausea. 


🔥 Adding a spicy shine to your smile. Now it’s not a fact but it does appear ginger’s antibacterial power may also brighten your smile. The spotlight shines on gingerol again, keeping the growth of oral bacteria at bay.


🔥Now, we're not claiming we’ve found the cure to miraculous weight loss. The same principle still applies, to lose weight you must be in a calorie deficit and enjoy a well-balanced nutrient-dense diet alongside getting in your Daily Dose of movement. Alongside all the above though there has been some early research that suggests ginger may assist in weight management so all we’ll say is, watch this space…


🔥Get your glow on! The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger may just give you that glow you’ve been after! Starting on the inside ginger can help ease the effects of red and irritated skin.

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