From your fridge to feeling great...

From your fridge to feeling great...
We have officially transitioned to autumn so it's time to start thinking about our immunity, no one wants the sniffles to come knocking!
We’re all about feeling great from the inside out so our diet is the perfect place to start. Superfood words are thrown around left right and centre and like everything at Daily Dose we prefer to strip it back and keep things simple and to the point. 
So then, kicking things off with which nutrients we should be focusing on. When it comes to vitamins, the immune superstars include vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D for minerals the light shines on zinc, selenium, copper, folate, and iron!
Now that we know what we need, the question is how do we go about getting them into our diets? 


Vitamin A

Direct sources of vitamin A predominantly come from animal products such as cheese, eggs, oily fish, liver, milk, and yoghurt. For a plant option, it's important to consider beta carotene as this can be converted by the body to Vitamin A. For a boost of beta-carotene make sure to load up on yellow, red, and green (leafy) vegetables such as spinach, kale, carrots, and red pepper. If a sweet juicy option is more what you’re craving, try yellow fruits such as mango and apricots. 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 showstoppers include poultry, peanuts, soya beans, oats and bananas

Vitamin B12

If you’re plant-based vitamin B12 is one nutrient you’ll have to supplement with as unfortunately, you can only source B12 from plant-based sources. Good options for vitamin B12 are, however, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, meat, and some fortified cereals. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is in plentiful supply and one vitamin that you're probably already consuming plenty of with a healthy balanced diet. Some of our favourite sources include citrus fruit, pepper, strawberries, blackcurrant, and broccoli.

 Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin of the mix! When it comes to winter in the UK sunshine is far from plentiful, so it is advised that we all supplement vitamin D especially if you follow a plant-based diet. The small number of foods you can however find vitamin D in include oily fish, red meat, liver, egg yolks and fortified foods. 


Looking at zinc our heroes include meat, shellfish, dairy products, and bread


Selenium is another one for our plant-based warriors to watch out for! Selenium is a key one to consider when looking out for our immune system with sources including, Brazil nuts, fish, meat, and eggs! 


It’s all things green when it comes to folate, we’re talking broccoli, brussel sprouts, leafy green veg and peas!


Contrary to common belief, red meat isn’t the only source of iron…beans, such as edamame beans and kidney beans, as well as nuts, dried fruits and fortified cereals also pack a punch of iron!

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