September, the month to rebalance!

September, the month to rebalance!

It’s September, the month of going back to school and getting back on track. The last few months have been all about slowing down a bit and enjoying the summer. This may have involved some time off to recuperate and go on holiday or even just a touch more socialising than normal, either way, the last few months have probably led to a small sacrifice when it comes to your health. 

With the summer sadly now on its way out, it's all about getting back on track and putting our health first - especially ahead of the impending sniffle season ahead. 

To make life a little easier with compiled together our top tips and tricks for resetting and rebalancing! 

Add in some extra gentle movement

The key word in this is GENTLE, though it can be tempting to jump straight back into a hardcore HIIT session or hours on the treadmill, in the beginning, it's all about building healthy habits that you can maintain. Pushing yourself too hard may just lead to b and therefore be an unsustainable move. Instead why not up your step count and go for a 3 walk as the days start to draw in, lunchtime is a perfect way to sneak in a few more steps and give your mind a break. A calming flow or stretch in the evening is a great choice when it comes to calming down your nervous system, and supporting a good night's sleep ahead.


On the topic of sleep, although a t weekend sounds like a great time to recharge, we’re guessing you probably did the complete opposite and instead are heading into the new week feeling like you can have done with an extra couple of hours of sleep. Sleep is so often undervalued but the power of a good night's sleep really is incredible. To optimise your sleep we suggest putting your phone down an hour early giving your mind time to switch off, mindfulness can also be a helpful tool when it comes to sleep. Our C-Bomb and Cherry Shot are great choices when it comes to an evening juice, this is due to the inclusion of freeze-dried cherry. The presence of sour cherries not only means greater levels of antioxidants but also melatonin, a hormone that plays a role in our natural sleep-wake cycle.

Book onto a cleanse 

We may be b but nothing says restore and r quite like a cleanse! W you’re a hardcore health enthusiast, feeling like your gut could do with a little resetting or just looking to dabble in the world of cleansing - t a cleanse for you! Juice cleansing is a simple and convenient way of revitalising and rebooting the body. In everyday life, we take in harmful toxins and pollutants that build up over time. Taking on a juice diet will help you detoxify and hydrate. All our juices are individually formulated to give specific benefits, our cleanses are carefully put together to combine these benefits for an overall goal.

Put your immunity first 

Cold season is certainly creeping up, which means one thing, time to up your immunity! All our juices contain a range of antioxidants, some of which are particularly great for immunity. Our Verde range are some of our favourites along with, OJ, C-Bomb and shot range, the perfect morning kick! 

Swap out a sugary snack for whole foods

We’re not expecting you to go cold turkey on all things sweet, instead, we suggest swapping out the refined sugar for natural sugars such as those found in fruits and veggies. Let’s be honest the sugar cravings are always going to come knocking come 4 pm, and instead of ignoring them try switching to more whole foods approach such as one of our sweeter juices, Strawb is perfect when it comes to sweet cravings. For a post-supper evening treat, we’re big fans of a Cacao or Vanilla Nusse! If you’re looking for a crunchy snack to enjoy alongside, a handful of almonds always hits the spot!

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