Blue Spirulina: Why We're Obsessed

What is blue Spirulina and why we should all be having our daily dose

What is Blue Spirulina?

Blue Spirulina is blue-green algae that grows in ponds, lakes and alkaline waterways, it can grow in both salt and freshwater and is packed full of minerals giving it the superfood status. The most common variety is a rich dark-green colour and when used as a food supplement is sold in a powdered format. 

A key difference which puts Spirulina head and shoulders above its fellow superfoods is the sustainability factor. Algae is one of the most sustainable foods to consume due to the lack of land required and its natural ability to grow in water without the need for intensive farming adding pressure to the environment. Algae will happily grow with zero aid from humans and not only this but it is also a great addition to the natural ecosystems in which it grows in.


Health benefits of Blue Spirulina 

So we’ve established Spirulina is a superfood, but what is it that gives it its superfood status?

There is still ongoing research on Spirulina so there is no set evidence or great claims we can make around Spirulina but we have established that it is certainly mineral rich. 

Early investigations are listing benefits from cholesterol-lowering properties, energy-boosting qualities and even suggestions of detoxifying heavy metals from our bodies. 

Whilst there is no concrete evidence at the moment, we know it's no bad addition to our diets and if anything the colour is great!


Blue Spirulina vs Green Spirulina 

Aside from the obvious colour difference the main difference between the two is the taste and aroma. The common green Spirulina is known for its strong fishy taste, making it rather unpleasant to consume in larger volumes. Blue Spirulina is an extract of the whole food green Spirulina, which extracts key components and results in a milder smell and taste.


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