2023 Hot Cross Bun Round Up

Best Hot Cross Buns of 2023 - Gail's Bakery
Nothing says Easter is in the air quite like a freshly toasted Hot Cross bun and a glass of Daily Dose cold pressed juice. With this being said, we welcome the best hot cross buns of 2023 and the perfect Daily Dose accompaniment.
Waitrose St Clements Hot Cross Buns
If a zesty bun is a bit of you, look no further! Waitrose St Clements Hot Cross buns combine fluffy fruity buns with the fresh taste of citrus. Packed full of soaked sultanas, orange and lemon zest as well as orange peel these moorish  buns will have your taste buds dancing. For the perfect serve we recommend a glass of O’fresco, the warming notes of ginger and turmeric compliment the zestiness of citrus perfectly!
M&S Hot Cross Bun BLT
M&S Hot Cross Bun BLT
Hot Cross bun meets, lunch, we’re onto a winner here! A BLT made with beechwood smoked maple cured British bacon, semi-dried tomatoes, lettuce and smoky mayo...SANDWICHED between an Extremely Cheesy Cheddar Cheese and Red Leicester Hot Cross Bun – mind blown! For the ultimate finish to the perfect lunch, we’re thinking a Cacao Nusse, at the end of the day what is Easter without a dairy-free chocolate treat?
Gail's Bakery Hot Cross Buns
Now although we love the modern twists, can they really compete with the classics done well? Baked to perfection Gail’s Bakery knows how to do hot cross buns! Soft, spiced buns packed with dried fruit and glazed with a sweet, spiced syrup whilst still warm. Whilst we’re on the theme of classics nothing says classic quite like a simple bottle of OJ to enjoy alongside 
Abel & Cole Hot Cross Buns
Sweet treats wrapped up in a doughy delight. Underneath a sweet, shiny glaze and that iconic doughy cross is a little variation on your classic hot cross bun. Open these mini organic buns up to find fruity figs inside dough that’s delicately flavoured with honey for a fresh new take on an Easter staple. For a super sweet pairing why not give Strawb a try!
Sainsbury's Hot Cross Buns
Fruit not your thing, prefer a savoury treat, we’ve found the perfect alternative courtesy of Sainsbury’s. Two types of cheese married together with fragrant sun-dried tomatoes and dried oregano, all in a sourdough dough for the ultimate pillowy bounce. For this savoury addition, we recommend a Verde, hardcode greens, no fruit just pure veggies for the ultimate daily dose of health!

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