Beat The Festive Bloat

Tips to prevent Christmas bloating

Christmas is the time for festivities, one too many indulgences and time with loved ones. Whilst we all like to dive into an extra treat or let’s not let the festive bloat rain down on the celebrations. 

For those of us with sensitive tummies, the extra dose of socialising and ‘make merry’ time can add strain to our digestive systems. Want to beat the bloat? We’ve compiled our top three natural remedies to get you ahead of the game before the festivities!


It has been well researched the link between the gut and our brains, a stressful mind can create havoc on our guts! Christmas is the perfect time to switch off, live in the present and enjoy the festivities. Take some time for a relaxing bath, time to catch up with friends and family but also take some time for you, to reset and restore.

Pack in the prebiotics and probiotics

It’s safe to say gut health has been a consistent theme in 2022. A shift in our usual routine it's likely to take its toll on our guts, it's time for some gut-loving TLC. A boost of gut-loving bacteria not only aids overall digestion but also eases the symptoms offset by excess alcohol, sugary foods, and other indulgences.  

A little more sugar and a touch more spice

We’re not saying no to festive indulgences by any means but being a little savvy with your sweet treats, could help keep a grumbly belly at bay. Make the most out of festive traditions: dried fruits, walnuts and clementines. When the sweet tooth comes kicking, why not try a walnut stuffed date - one of our favourite well-balanced snacks. Maybe then decide if you really need that extra square of chocolate on a mince pie. Another favourite hack of ours is to swap the sweetener for some spice. Christmas is all about festive spice, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and the list goes on. Why not swap out a mulled wine with warm AJ with a fiery hot shot? Adding spices to all your favourite festive treats whilst also providing a gut-loving hit as ginger is a great soother for our digestive systems.

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