8 Benefits Of A Juice Cleanse


It can feel you can’t open a magazine lately without hearing about someone doing a juice cleanse. People are exploring the juicing fad to find out just how cold-pressed fruit and vegetables can benefit their overall health and wellbeing.

Whether you want to try a juice cleanse to lose weight, or to assist detoxing your kidneys, there are so many benefits to juicing, so we thought we’d list 8 of them here for you.

1. Eat Eight Tomatoes in One Go

By juicing your fruits and vegetables, you can consume more of them all at once. If you struggle to meet the recommended 5-a-day servings of fruit and veg, then this is an ideal way to get all those nutrients.

2. It Breaks the Cycle

Starting with a small-scale juice cleanse, say three days, you will find it will help keep the junk food cravings at bay. It will help break the cycle, reset your stomach, and make the urges easier to fight.

3. Give Your Liver a Rest

The function of the liver is to detox your body. Everything we eat or drink will pass through the liver to be detoxed before it enters the rest of the body. An organic juice cleanse, containing fewer of the elements the liver would filter out, gives it less to process.

4. Rehydrate Your Body

Not drinking enough water is something we are all guilty of, instead, drinking too much coffee and soda. By partaking in a juice cleanse, the number of adequate beverages you drink helps your body out in many ways. It helps to ensure your body is working more efficiently, flushes your system and often increases your alertness.

5. Reduce Your Stress Level and Get Better Sleep

When you juice a variety of fruits and vegetables, you’re able to diversify the nutrients your body receives. Leafy green vegetables are high in magnesium, a relaxing mineral that has a mellowing effect that can help improve sleep quality. That’s not all magnesium does either. Magnesium and vitamin C help to ward of the stress hormone cortisol.

6. Diversify Your Diet

We all have certain fruits and vegetables we’re not that keen on, but by juicing, you’re able to add more of those to your diet. Not a fan of beets? Simple juice one with some greens and fruits. Juicing a rainbow of different fruits and veg will give you even more benefits, and can disguise the ones you don’t like!

7. Absorb Nutrients Faster

95 per cent of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need can be found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables, and they require much less work in the intestines to break down and are much more easily absorbed.

8. Shed Some Pounds

A juice cleanse is a great way to get a diet started. It will ward off those cravings, and control your appetite, it’s low calorie, and packed with nutrients.

These are just a few of the many benefits of a juice cleanse, and if you want to know more about cold-pressed organic juice for yourself, then get in touch!

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