5 Store Cupboard Meals That Still Feel Gourmet

Challenge Yourself:

Cooking a nutritious meal can be a challenge at the best of times, but the food prep feels exponentially more difficult when the fridge is bare and you’re stuck at home, unable to replenish it. But don’t think about this as a problem, think of it as a new project! As long as you’ve got a carb and protein source, and some sort of veg, you’re onto a winner. 

There's Always Lentils:

Look in your cupboards. There are those lentils that you bought, intending to whip up into some new recipe that you never got around to making. You’ve likely to have a few cans of tinned tomatoes and maybe even a tin of coconut milk. 

Don't Chuck Out The Veg:

That slightly limp celery and a carrot that has seen better days shouldn’t be disregarded. Once they’re cooked into one of the following delicious recipes, they’ll hold up just as well as their freshly picked relatives.  Believe it or not, that’s a meal!

If you do find however, that fresh fruit and veg is something you forever seem to be lacking, you could always check out a veg box delivery service and get it straight to your door.  

Recipe Time:

 Lentil dal 

Simple yet effective, always a crowd pleaser, and oh so versatile! This one barely needs a recipe. Got lentils? You have dal. Everything else can be messed with. Add chopped tomatoes if you have them, coconut milk if you want. Get creative with the herbs and spices you add. Bulk out with any veg you have lying around, fresh or frozen. 

 Penne al Pomodoro 

A classic dish that you probably have already have in your repertoire. This dish needs no other introduction. Throw in that last bit of veg you have, maybe even some frozen peas to really cram in those micronutrients. 

Chickpea burger with sweet potato fries

The thought of making burgers might make you groan at the thought of slaving away for hours and hours, but these babies can be on the table in just 20 minutes and using just a single bowl!

Veggie Biryani

A wonderfully flavourful way to eat rice, such depth of flavour. Just remember, even if the recipe lists a bunch of fresh herbs and spices, the dried versions will often do just as well in a pinch!

 Saucy Bean Baked Eggs

And finally, if you just need a warm hug from the inside, nothing beats that first dip into a runny yolk accompanied by a rich flavoursome tomato sauce and made hearty with a good helping of whatever beans you have at the back of your cupboard. 

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