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5:2 Cleanse

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    Beat the bloat and give intermittent fasting a try with our 5:2 Cleanse. With just 2 days of juicing and the remaining 5 to enjoy a healthy balanced diet, this is the perfect cleanse for a busy life with a healthy twist!

    You'll be enjoying a mix of nutrient-dense juices alongside a spicy morning pick-me-up and creamy oaty-m*lkshake. We recommend to committing to a month of 5:2 to feel the full benefits.

    All of our juice cleanses are made using raw and natural fruit and vegetables, sourced from local British farmers.

    The benefits of juice cleanses include;

    - Improved gut health
    - Reduced bloating
    - Boost in energy levels and better focus throughout the day
    - Improved sleep
    - Reset for your immune system
    - easy consumption for on-the-go lifestyles

    Get your cleanse guide here.

    Your Juicing Schedule

    Day 1:

    8am: Verde & Hot Shot
    10am: Dulce Verde
    11am: Spirulina
    12pm: Strawb
    2pm: Verde
    4pm: Black Lemonade
    6pm: Cacao Oat

    Calories: 433 Kcal

    Day 2:

    8am: Verde & Hot Shot
    10am: Cacao Oat
    11am: Dulce Verde
    12pm: Verde
    1pm: Spirulina
    2pm: Dulce Verde
    4 pm: Black Lemonade
    6pm: Cacao Oat

    Calories: 652 Kcal

    Before & During Cleansing

    Before you start its good to avoid any refined sugars, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol. Whilst cleaning we advise to really listen to your body - we recommend light exercise only such as yoga and pilates. Consult your medical professional if you need advice tailored to your own health and previous health conditions.

    Worried about fridge space? Add a note at checkout or reach out to us on ops@dailydosejuice.co.uk, we can organise for juices to be sent in weekly deliveries throughout your cleanse.

    *items may be substituted with a similar product, subject to availability." a busy life but looking to implement some healthy habits.