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We’ll mix it up, so each week you’ll receive a different bundle of 12 juices to try out.

When it comes to nutrition, we believe nature does it best. That's why every Daily Dose contains fresh veggies and seasonal fruits - and that's it. No heat-treating. No added sweeteners. No weird preservatives. Just cold-pressed produce, prepped, portioned and delivered to your door.
🍓 Seasonal Berries.
🥕 British Carrots and Beetroot
🥬British Leafy Greens.
🍋 Zingy Lemon. 
🍎 British Apples.
🌿 A touch of Basil.

At Daily Dose, we believe that nature does it best. So expect the highest quality fruit and veg, cold-pressed and bottled to lock the goodness in. No artificial sweeteners. No weird preservatives. 

Each bundle contains 12x 300ml Juices

N.B. Imagery is not  a reflection of what will be included as items are subject to change with each delivery.

May contain traces of nuts and celery.