The Ultimate Detox Guide for January


We all know that feeling of when January 1st hits, that sink in your stomach that there’s no more holding it off…you start thinking about your gym membership or that the times finally come to get yourself one or perhaps it’s decision time about Dry January (ergh).


Either way, January really doesn’t have to be a complete 180°. Instead take the approach of just introducing some healthy habits that perhaps you have lost along the festive period.


During this read think back to these 3 words.


What small habit can I do in order to help me

  1. …regroup
  2. …refresh
  3. …repair


Where to start.


First it may be a good idea to think about your goals this year…. personally, I think long term goals are great, but sometimes it can be a bit daunting so why not just start with this month.


Step 1.  What outcome would you like to see by the end of the month?


  • A better relationship with your body?
  • A better balance with booze?
  • A better discipline when it comes to food grazing?
  • And lastly to get back to regular exercise?


I find these are some good points to start with, they don’t put too much pressure on you which is extremely important as so many people find January has a real negative stigma and dialogue behind it.




Along the Christmas stretch we usually consume a lot more food than we would normally, think of the number of times we’ve reached for a mince pie while watching Jude Law, the additional mulled wine we can’t help but say ‘oh go on then’ to. Your stomach has most likely stretched, meaning it’s probably not wise to go in too hard with the dieting, instead start slow.


Step 2.  What can I do to encourage the detox process physically and mentally?


  • 3 meals a day followed by some gut resetting juices*
  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Avoid convenience/processed food
  • Sleep well (8-9 hours)
  • Let go of old painful thoughts and emotions such as unforgiveness and anger.


Step 3. Moving more.  


Around the 18th of January that extra hour of daylight will come, meaning a greater opportunity to get sunlight, and introduce light activity.






No-one is expecting you to make a complete transformation this month, so don’t get carried away, start as you mean to go on, this will allow you to stay well long-term.




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