The Health Benefits Of Organic Beetroot Juice!


One of the most fun parts about adopting a few new healthy habits where your diet is concerned and stocking up on lots of fresh fruit and vegetables is that you will always have a very colourful plate!

Rainbow Diet:

They say that the more colourful your plate is, the healthier and more nutritious it is, as well, so this could be an excellent rule of thumb to follow if you do want to start making a few changes to your diet over the next few weeks.

For one of the most brightly coloured veggies around, get yourself a bottle of our organic beetroot juice! It’s a mix of fresh beetroot juice, blended with ginger and lemon, sweetened with apple… and it’s an incredible colour!


Beetroot itself is a root vegetable that is packed with all sorts of delicious nutrients, from vitamin C and iron to potassium, manganese and folate, and it’s a brilliant source of fibre, so it hits all the hotspots.

They’re also great to add to your weekly menus because you can do so very much with them, whether you want to enjoy them raw with some hummus (or use them to make hummus from scratch!), have them pickled to snack on, cook them… whatever you want to do!

You can even slice them very thinly and bake them on a low heat for a few hours to make your own beetroot chips - healthy, delicious and waste-free.


In terms of the nutrients in beetroot and their associated health benefits, vitamin C is great for your skin, while potassium can help lower your blood pressure and look after your heart health, and folate (or vitamin B9) is necessary for normal cell function and tissue growth… especially good for pregnant women.


Head to the internet to find lots of amazing beetroot recipes if you want to try cooking with it. Olive magazine, for example, suggests you make goat’s cheese and beetroot citrus salad, baked beetroot falafels and beetroot and gin cured salmon.

Or what about BBC Good Food? Over there, you’ll find recipes for warm beet, chorizo and pear salad, beetroot fritters, porridge with beetroot, apple and cranberry compote… and a whole lot more.

You could have a huge amount of fun putting together your favourite dishes and making them again and again for all the family. Just make sure that you wear rubber gloves (just as well there’s a pandemic on!), because chopping up beetroot can make your fingers very, very pink indeed!

And make sure you don’t touch anything if you do end up with very, very pink fingers, as beetroot juice is also very, very pink and it can stain fabric if you’re not careful. We’d love to hear about your favourite recipes, so get in touch to let us know!

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