The Benefits Of Cold Water Therapy

Benefits of cold water swimming

What is cold water therapy?

Cold water therapy refers to the practice of immersing yourself in a pool of water under 15 degrees. The practice has evolved over the years from ice baths, outdoor wild swimming, a cold daily shower, and the list goes on. Supporters shout about an array of benefits such as reducing inflammation, easing muscle soreness and improving energy levels. 

Cold water therapy for muscle soreness 

There’s a reason why we often whip out frozen peas when we bang our heads. Cold temperatures act as a natural pain reliever, reducing inflammation and swelling. Have you ever noticed athletes jumping in a pool of ice following a tough event? This is because lactate is released from muscles preventing them from freezing up and being sore the next day!

Cold water therapy for weight loss 

Rumour on the street is that a quick dip in a rather chilly pool of water may just help with weight management. Although we’re still in the research phase, a study has found a link between a brisk swim and cold-induced thermogenesis. In simple terms, the cold water fires up your body's ability to generate heat b speeding up your metabolism - and a faster metabolism can support weight management and consequently weight loss.

Immune boosting benefits 

This just sounds wrong, but research suggests that getting some goosebumps in a chilly swim may actually scare off the winter sniffles. A recent study concluded that those who regularly take the plunge are more resilient to illness and infection…cold shower tomorrow then?

Mental health & cold water therapy 

Although it may not sound like the most appealing activity, plunging yourself into a pool of cold water research suggests that it may in fact lead to a lift in your mood! The initial shock of the cold water leads to hormone release stimulating a release of dopamine - your happy hormone!

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