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Colour Cleanse with RE:NOURISH

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A gentle balanced cleanse with a wide variety of flavours perfect for cleanse virgins. Delicious and healthy way to kickstart weight-loss and feel rejuvenated. 

This cleanse is a combination of nutritious vegetable, antioxidant-packed fruit juices and vitamin rich nut m*lks.

Each day includes 4 x 300ml Juices, 1 x 300ml Nut M*lk, 1 x 500ml Black Lemonade and 1 x 60ml Shot, plus x2 500g RE:NOURISH CALM+ soup. 

We recommend that the juices are consumed in 2 hour intervals in the following order. Remember to drink water regularly through the day. 

  1. Dulce Verde (300ml) 
  2. Zenzero (300ml)
  3. Strawb (300ml)
  4. O'Fresco (300ml)
  5. Cacao Nüsse (300ml

H20: Black Lemonade (500ml) - Sip throughout the day 

Shot: Hot Shot (60ml) - Pick me up (Better than caffeine!)


Worried about fridge space? Add a note at checkout or reach out to us on ops@dailydosejuice.co.uk, we can organise for juices to be sent in weekly deliveries throughout your cleanse.

Reviewed by the Independent: "All are raw and cold-pressed, some with a longer shelf life in case you can't start immediately. Flavours were really delicious, the Zenzero being one of our favourites with apple, ginger, lemon and fragrant thyme, but overall we did find them on the sweeter side - ideal if you're new to juicing".

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May contain: Nuts and celery