3 Day Cleanse | My Honest Experience

3 Day Cleanse | My Honest Experience

‘Juice Diet’ a phrase I would read from a magazine my mum had picked up in a waiting room. Though, at the time the trend seeming some-what vague and unhealthy, has now become a revelation with nutritionist all over reaping of the benefits and many new brands jumping on the bandwagon. 

So after a night of feeling pretty drained and crappy I decided to give a cleanse a go! If anything it’s an opportunity to sink my teeth (or not) into a new challenge. 

First things first, I went to Google, after all, that’s what we do to find out all the doom and gloom. So, yes like always they were some negatives, possible headaches, hunger pangs and moodiness (I hope not), followed swiftly by a whole lot of benefits including, boosting vitamin levels, antioxidants, weight-loss and a digestive system reset.

Daily Dose has been a company I’ve had my eye on for a while, pressed close to my family home in Cambridgeshire, Daily Dose pride themselves in reducing food waste and also use left over produce to turn into renewable energy - which I’m all for!

Going on the website everything was pretty self explanatory, a colour cleanse was best fitting for a cleanse virgin so here goes…


Prep Day. 


I would like to say I followed DD’s advice on trying to eat fairly clean prior to the cleanse so its not too much of a shock to the system… but hey, that would be lying. 


X2 Bacon sandwiches 

X5 Roast potatoes 

X2 Yorkshire puddings 

And a whole lot of veg. 


And just like that I’m ready for my juice fast. 9 juices a day for 3 days.


Day 1: Diary 


Hopes: That I don’t faint on the commute into work. 




Day dot, felt slightly nervous going into the first day, mostly because I get major food envy and secondly it was a commitment of fridge space and £££.




Dulce Verde: 10/10 literally love this drink, minty and fresh - the perfect drink for first thing in the morning when you’ve had a big meal the night before. Picture a fresher fix of the usual hot lemon water (I will definitely be buying this again separately). 




Zenzero: Hmm very gingery and took me a long time to drink. 


*Side note: feeling bitter because my work team were drinking coffee without me. 




Strawb: The best pick me up for lunch. 


*Again side note: Smelling lots of nice food around the office was hard, but surprisingly not feeling hungry. 


First Almond feed. Started to have a little headache, must be the no-caffeine. Hot shot did the trick. 




O’ Fresco: Again…woah that's a lot of ginger, but feeling pretty good and still energised. 




Black Lemonade: love love this. 


All in all day 1 on a cleanse at work wasn’t as hard as I thought. I suffer and I genuinely mean s-u-f-f-e-r with the loudest tummy rumbles, it’s a family curse. But hurrah, no tummy rubbles.  Almonds were definitely a must when you do just feel like munching on something...oh and side note: You’ll pee a lot.  

Thought’s did creep into my head about what’s for dinner at 4pm, but hey we move. 


6PM -7PM


Coco Verde & Rouge: Just gulping it down thinking of all those toxins being flushing out. 




Cacao Nusse: The comfort of a nice soothing milkshake but without all the regret afterwards. 


- Oh the joys of not going to bed bloated - 



Day 2: Diary 




Feeling chirpy so decided to walk into work, took me an hour and probably a bit too over ambitious… 

Side note: If you work in a small office maybe see if you can get your juices ordered there, or bring most of them in on your first day so you don’t have to ferry them in every morning. 

All in all, felt absolutely great, think my stomach got used to the no food and I felt really energised, my skin also started clearing up too! 


Day 3. 


Apart from being jealous about my boyfriend eating all the good food out the fridge, juices have become the new norm. 


My tummy inflammation has gone down, which for someone who suffers from IBD is a miracle. Jeans definitely felt looser and I’m enjoying the extra time I have in the evening not slaving away cooking. 


Overall Summary:


- Thoroughly enjoyed doing the cleanse, it was nice to have a break from all the stodginess food can have especially before going to bed. 


  • Shouldn’t be just necessarily for weight loss, but more for a chance for your body to just have a break, reset and flush out the toxins.


  • Great for after an indulgent weekend or a boozy trip. 


  • Just a generally a fun way to challenge yourself. 


  • Definitely think it would be a fun thing to do with a bunch of friends or your family - set up a Whats App group!


  • Get the almonds in, try to resist munching on them all the time as it will defeat the point of a cleanse, but I guess a couple of times a day, grab a small handful and try to match it up when others around you are eating so you don’t feel left out. 


  • Perfect for the upcoming Freedom Day (aka lockdown restrictions easing), shifting from tracksuit bottoms/ gym leggings to tight jeans and dresses. 


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