The Pre-Cleanse Cleanse

The days leading up to, and after, a juice cleanse are crucial in determining the success of the cleanse as, by properly preparing, your body will be eased into it rather it coming as a shock. By giving your body time to adjust to your cleanse, you will be more likely to stick to your cleanse, and continue good habits after it has finished.

Here are a few little tips and tricks to give you as seamless a transition in and out of your cleanse as possible…

1.     Healthy Fats & Proteins:

A balanced diet before a cleanse is more crucial than ever! Foods like avocadoes, eggs, and poultry, contain proteins and healthy fats that help regulate blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar levels will prevent the spiking of stress hormones during a detox and you’ll be better supported during your cleanse!

2.     Minimising Carbohydrate Intake:

We’ve already mentioned stable blood sugar levels as being related to stress hormones, but they are further linked to mood swings, appetite and cravings. All forms of carbohydrate have an effect on the body that releases stress hormones, so by cutting back them back in the run up to your cleanse, you’ll be able to better manage sugar cravings and that feeling of being ‘hangry’!

3.     Herbal Teas:

Good quality herbal teas made from plants such as dandelion, liquorice root and lemon balm are a fantastic way to support your body through a cleanse due to their digestion, healing, and antiviral properties respectively.

4.     Portion Control:

Smaller portions don’t actually shrink your stomach, but getting your stomach accustomed to eating smaller portions will trick your brain into thinking it does. This should make the transition into your cleanse a little easier to deal with!

We hope you find these tips helpful, if you have your own ways of preparing for cleanse then please do share them!